Bringin' the Fanny Pack Back

Bringin' the Fanny Pack Back

Yes Yes Ya'll. You heard me right. 

I'm rockin' a fanny pack these days. Why do you ask? Well I say, why not?

I used to secretly make fun of nurses with fanny packs, but I have to say there's something to it! It dawned on me recently, that I spend about 25% (rough estimate) of my day going back and forth to the supply room. Here's what a typical scenario looks like:

Bring meds to room--> forgot flush --> forgot alcohol (scrub the hub) --> start med pass --> forgot med cup --> crap, I also need scissors to open this lidocaine patch --> gets scissors -->ok now I need some applesauce and a spoon --> oh crap and a pill crusher ---> hot damn I need to get more ice water.

Sound familiar?

Well, the solution here people, is to carry a fanny pack with the following supplies at ALL TIMES!

1. Saline Flushes

2. Alcohol wipes and IV caps

3. Scissors (big one!)

4. Gauze 

5. Tape

6. Spoons?

7. Pens and markers

Comment below for other fanny pack friendly supplies! And don't forget to check out my review of hip fanny packs under the Reviews tab.

Technology's ONE Limitation

Technology's ONE Limitation

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Are You A Nurse By Heart?