Writing Contest

Nothing helps nurses re-fall in love with nursing by showing off their knowledge or creativity. This your opportunity to express yourself, while contributing back to the profession in a positive way!

Winner Receives

  • Your article will be pinned to the top of my Facebook page and website for 2 weeks .
  • Private 1:1 Skype interview (1 hour) and audio recording to discuss the topic of your article. This audio recording will be posted under my Podcast tab.
  • Opportunity to create a second piece that will be posted on my website and Facebook page.

Submissions due April, 2017

Send with a photo of you and a brief professional bio (5 sentences max). Accompanied with a photo for thumbnail in .jpeg format.


  • Must be written by a nurse or bedside provider (CNA's too!)
  • One submission per person. Can be a collaborative effort with one other professional. 
  • Can be a scholarly or creative piece. 
  • 500 word limit.
  • Nothing too whiny- if you're writing about a problem, come with a solution!
  • Meets all HIPPA requirements. (Share your stories but protect your license and job!)
  • Your article should be read or edited by someone else prior to submission (this is good practice anyways!)
  • Challenge yourself: If you are writing about a political issue or an issue within the nursing profession, please do your research to understand the other side of the argument thoroughly enough to still speak on behalf of your personal opinion.  
  • Share your passion!

How to Submit

Email your article to Ashleynursebyheart@gmail.com no later than April 1, 2017.